LADWP Power Purchase

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power is purchasing solar energy through a new “feed-in tariff” program. Please contact us if you have a commercial or multi-family property location and are interested in participating.

Eligible properties are located in the City of Los Angeles and have at least 4,000 square feet of rooftop or parking lot space suitable for solar. Project financing options are available to qualified participants.

Call (310) 893-3100 for details, or submit your property information below.

Submit a Solar Project

Request a solar site assessment and financing readiness evaluation for your commercial or multi-family property.

LADWP Solar Feed-In Tariff

Application Materials

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Quick Facts

  • Initial 2012 demonstration program will be open to thirty or forty solar projects for a total of ten megawatts (MW). LADWP may expand to at least 75 MW and potentially 150 MW beginning in Q1 2013.
  • Project sizes may range from small (30-150 kW) to large (151-999 kW). Eight MW will be reserved for large projects and two MW for small projects.
  • Projects must be located in LADWP service territory in the Los Angeles Basin.
  • LADWP contracts and interconnect agreements will be standard and non-negotiable.
  • 30% federal tax credit available for qualified projects.

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