#Go100Percent at Solar Mixer in Silver Lake

On Wednesday March 14th, Open Neighborhoods and PermaCity are hosting a free mixer in Silver Lake to celebrate the transition to clean, renewable energy.  RSVP at http://silverlakesolarmixer.eventbrite.com.

Diane Moss, former Environmental Deputy to Congresswoman Jane Harman and Co-Founder of the Renewable 100 Policy Institute, will be introducing the Go100Percent.org map of 100% renewables projects worldwide.    Learn how your community can get on the map and join the race to 100% clean power!

Paul Spencer, founder and CEO of the Clean Energy Collective and winner of the 2011 Dept. of Energy’s National Green Power Innovator of the Year award, will be highlighting new innovations enabling communities to achieve 100% clean, renewable energy.

Open Neighborhoods and PermaCity will be sharing details of a Los Angeles County-wide solar program offering discounts up to 33% for residential, commercial and multi-family installations. To qualify for group savings, register for a free rooftop assessment before April 30, 2012 at www.openneighborhoods.net/gosolar or call (310) 893-3100.

On Wednesday March 14th You’re Invited to a
Free Mixer at LIVING ROOM in Silver Lake
Special guest Diane Moss, former Environmental Deputy to Congresswoman Jane Harman, will discuss Go100Percent.org and various 100% renewable projects worldwide.

Paul Spencer of the Colorado-based Clean Energy Collective, winner of the 2011 Dept of Energy Green Power Innovator of the Year award will discuss new innovations enabling community-wide solar power.

RSVP: http://silverlakesolarmixer.eventbrite.com

Speakers will present information about the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council goal of 100% clean power and a Los Angeles County-wide solar programoffering discounts up to 33% for residential, commercial and multi-family installations. Solar experts, installers and home energy advisors will be on hand to discuss incentives and rebates — and new funding from Google and Clean Power Finance to install solar panels on residential rooftops.Mingle with local residents, business owners, community leaders and environmental advocates. Enjoy a glass of wine and complimentary hors d’oevres, relax to DJ grooves by Psykick Girl, and browse Living Room’s collection of home furnishings and upholstery custom-made here in Los Angeles.

WHAT: Free Solar Mixer Open to the Public

WHEN: Wednesday March 14th, 2012, 7-9pm

WHERE: Living Room, 3531 West Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake

RSVP: http://silverlakesolarmixer.eventbrite.com


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  1. ShiNe says:

    Solar power costs from $0.20 to $0.40 per kWH the low end is for large commercial sytmess, the high end for residential ones. (first link)A large solar power system costs about $9.00 per watt of capacity roughly half of that is the solar cells, and the other half is land, support sytmess, grid connection, etc. (second link)In contrast, fossil fuel generated power costs about $0.03-$0.06/kWh, and a fossil fuel plant costs about $1.30 per watt. Oil power would be the more expensive of this (coal is usually the cheapest), which is why Not sure if you know this already, but relatively little electricity is generated from oil. Only about 1.5% of electricy in the U.S. comes from oil powered plants. About 50% comes from coal, 20% each from natural gas and nuclear, 7% from hydro. See the last link for that.

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