Occupy Rooftops: Nov. 20 Community Solar Action Day

On November 20th, Open Neighborhoods is partnering with Solar Mosaic and organizations across the country to hold Community Solar Day.

Community Solar Day is a time for people to come together at a building they want to help go solar and start creating local jobs and clean energy through a community solar project. We’ll compile the photos of hundreds of people around the world kickstarting their projects and spread the message that community solar is here to stay.

Most Los Angeles County residents and businesses are not able to install a solar system because they don’t own a rooftop.  But there are plenty of non-profits, churches and schools with big roofs in LA County neighborhoods that are perfect for a community solar project. Solar is the fastest growing industry in America and now employs more Americans than both coal and steel.  Who wouldn’t want local solar power generated in their own community?

Sign-up today at www.openneighborhoods.net/communitysolar and we’ll provide you with all the resources you need to start a beautiful, job-producing solar project in your community.

Get involved to participate in Occupy Rooftops on November 20th, and help your community thrive with clean, renewable energy from the Sun!

WHAT:      Occupy Rooftops: Community Solar Action Day
Organized by Solar Mosaic, Open Neighborhoods, 350.org and other organizations across America

WHO:        Residents, businesses, energy consumers, environmental advocates and community leaders in Los Angeles County and around the world.

WHEN:      Sunday, November 20, 2011.  All day

WHERE:    Neighborhood meetups throughout Los Angeles County and around the world.

Check listings for event near you at www.meetup.com/community-solar

RSVP:       www.openneighborhoods.net/communitysolar

FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact James Brennan at jbrennan@openneighborhoods.net or (310) 259-0646.

About Open Neighborhoods

Open Neighborhoods is a Certified B Corporation with a mission to connect and inform neighborhood communities.  Open Neighborhoods Community Solar brings affordable solar power to LA County communities through neighborhood workshops and solar group purchasing, financing and installation programs. More at www.openneighborhoods.net/gosolar.

About Solar Mosaic

Solar Mosaic is a marketplace that anyone can use to create solar projects and finance them from their communities, locally and online. Our mission is to flip business-as-usual energy development on its head and democratize it through clean energy.  More at www.solarmosaic.com.

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