Request for Proposals – 1MW Community Solar Project in LA County

The Open Neighborhoods Community Solar initiative is gearing up for its largest group installation ever and we are pleased to announce a request for proposals (RFP) from area solar installers for participation in a 1.0MW community solar project in Los Angeles County.

Two previous Open Neighborhoods Community Solar group purchasing programs have been among the largest of their kind in Los Angeles, offering group solar discounts and opportunities to install solar with no upfront costs and immediate electric bill savings.

Los Angeles County homes, businesses and multi-tenant property owners can find more information about the program or signup to participate at

Our RFP process is now underway to select an installer for a group purchase of 1.0MW of residential, commercial, multi-tenant and community arrays in Los Angeles County.

Interested firms can submit questions or request a copy of the RFP document via email to

The deadline to provide a notice of Intent to Submit is August 5 for any firms intending to submit a proposal.

The proposal due date is August 12.

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