Los Angeles County
Solar Challenge

The Los Angeles County Solar Challenge is a community program to install One Megawatt of affordable solar on LA County residential and commercial properties with group discounts, neighborhood workshops, and fundraising opportunities for local non-profit organizations. Learn how you can get involved.

Solar Group Discounts

Los Angeles-based solar installer PermaCity is offering pre-negotiated group discounts of up to 33% for solar installations on rooftops of LA County homes, businesses, and multi-family residences. Or go solar with no money down and lease solar panels with a discounted monthly payment for less than the cost of your electric bill. Call (310) 893-3100 for details.

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Raise Money for Your Non-Profit Organization

Create a solar fundraiser for your school booster club, religious institution or other non-profit organization in LA County! Simply enroll to participate in the Open Neighborhoods Green Power for Communities program and help your community switch to clean energy.

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Open Neighborhoods will be contributing up to $40,000 to participating non-profit organizations who help homes, businesses, and other non-profits in their community go solar as part of a one megawatt group solar installation in LA County.

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